May 25, 2016

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Taking Back New Hampshire

What Can I Do about Narcotics in My Neighborhood?

It is no surprise that drugs have become a serious problem for communities across America and New Hampshire is no exception. Fortunately, there is much that can be done to combat the use and sales of illegal narcotics.

Know the signs of Narcotic Activity

It is often difficult to know if specific activity involves drugs, but some patterns may indicate drug activity:

An unusually large amount of traffic contacting a building -- cars, taxis, or people walking -- often at strange hours. Visitors may sometimes pound on doors or shout to be let in. This traffic is usually quick with people staying only a short time. Sometimes they don't go in at all; instead, someone comes out to meet them.

  • Finding drugs or drug paraphernalia (syringes, pipes, etc.) in the area.
  • Repeated, observable exchanges of items, especially where money is visible.
  • Offers to sell you drugs, or conversations about drugs that you overhear.
  • Noxious odors from or around the buildings, such as "musty" smells.
  • Buildings where extreme security measures seem to be taken.
  • Buildings where no owner or primary renter is apparent, and no home activities, yard work, painting/maintenance, etc., seem to go on.

Do not assume the police already know, or that a neighbor will call. Do not assume one report is all that is needed. If the activity keeps on occurring, keep on reporting it. If the pattern changes, report that change.  All neighbors affected by the drug activity are encouraged to report.

For drug activity which is in progress or needs an immediate police response, call 9-1-1.

How to Report Narcotics Activity

There are several ways to report narcotics activity in your neighborhood. The New Hampshire State Police provides an anonymous tip line to report narcotics activity, 1-800-NAB-DOPE or (603) 223-3860. These complaints are then routed to Narcotics Intelligence Unit, where they are assigned to the field for investigation.

Q:  Can I Report Drug Activity Anonymously?

A:  Narcotics activity may be reported anonymously.

Q:  What Specific Information Should I Obtain Before Calling the Police?

A:  The information below will give you an idea of the information that will assist us in conducting our narcotics investigation.

  • The location of the narcotics activity.
  • Whether the narcotics activity is occurring in a house or an apartment.
  • The approximate time the activity is occurring
  • A complete description of the dealer or dealers.
  • The type of narcotics being used (cocaine, heroin, marijuana, methamphetamine, etc.)
  • Where the drugs are being hidden if the suspected dealer is selling them on the street (if known)
  • Whether or not there are lookouts to warn dealers of the approach by police officers.
  • A description of the dealer’s vehicle if one is used.

Obviously, some of this information will not be known to the complainant. Investigating officers will still conduct an investigation, even if some of this information is not known.


Anonymous Drug Tip Line


We Don't Have To Know Who You Are... To Know Who They Are!



"Your New Hampshire State Police"

Tune in every Thursday, 0740-0800, to WGIR-AM 610 in Manchester

Live radio show hosted by Jack Heath

A topical discussion program and call in Q&A with a NH State Trooper

or tune in over the internet HERE



Teen robber held up Common Man store in Hooksett, police say

HOOKSETT, N.H. —New Hampshire State Police are investigating an armed robbery at the Common Man General Store off Interstate 93 in Hooksett. A 17-year-old white male allegedly entered the General Store just after midnight Saturday, showed the cashier a handgun, and demanded cash. After the robbery, he walked out of the store and ran away, according to New Hampshire State Police.

Portsmouth DPW worker seriously hurt in crash

PORTSMOUTH — A two-vehicle crash on Lang Road resulted in the serious injury of a city public works employee Friday afternoon. Acting Deputy Police Chief Frank Warchol said a vehicle hit and pinned the worker between the vehicle and garbage truck. The worker was identified as James Murray by city officials.

Right-To-Work Veto Override Fails

CONCORD-A veto of a bill that would bar unions from collecting a share of costs from nonmembers was sustained Wednesday.New Hampshire workers rallied at the Statehouse to support Gov. John Lynch's veto, even though debate wasn't scheduled on the override attempt. The gallery and the hallways surrounding the House chambers were packed. Click here for more.

Right to work veto override vote coming?

CONCORD — Supporters and opponents of right to work legislation plan to be at the State House in force Wednesday for a possible veto override vote. House Bill 474, which would prohibit unions from collecting dues from non-members, was vetoed by Gov. John Lynch May 11. He said the state should not be interfering with management-employee issues in the state.

House members' group asks extra sessions to be canceled

CONCORD —A group of 20 House members from each major party has called on Speaker of the House William O’Brien to cancel sessions he scheduled for Nov. 30 and Dec. 14. The representatives said the sessions are unnecessary and disruptive to their personal lives, without the possibility of being reimbursed for mileage they run up during travel.

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